QSA 2014

About the division activities

Quantitative sustainability assessment is to a large extent based on the methodology of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its related and constituent fields, such as environmental risk assessment, environmental chemistry, environmental/ecosystem modelling, human toxicity and ecotoxicity, climate change, biotic and abiotic resource availability (e.g. water, land, minerals, etc.), biodiversity, and social impact assessment.

The translation into decision support and synthesis tools draws on insight into  and caters to the needs and conditions for decision support of the concerned fields of application.

The QSA division at DTU Management has an extensive track record, international recognition and network within the field of quantitative environmental life cycle assessment of industrial products and systems. In close collaboration with other international players in the field, the DTU activities spear-head the development of scientifically based methods and tools to enable authorities and industry to assess and integrate sustainability aspects when developing services, systems and products.